Expo 2015, Milan, Italy - German Pavillion

2012 – 2013

With the motto „Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life“ the World Expo in 2015 in Milan attempted toaddress a subject central to human development, and to open our eyes to its relevance for all our futures. Due to its cultural diversity, strength in innovation and general competence, Germany is in the fortunate position being able to address such a challenge through wide-ranging approaches and potential exhibitors.

Germany as a stage for ideas.

The architecture is used to structure a specific stage. The exhibition is to deliver a welcoming and clearly legible message for the visitor to successfully and enthusiastically navigate, as well as understand, the complex connections between the extensive themes of the Expo.

Germany invites

The unusual is visible from afar; neither an enclosed house, nor a neatly packaged box awaits the visitor. Instead the visitor is offered a distinctly inviting gesture, a place of stimulation and relaxation. A meadow slopes gently towards the approaching visitor, suggestive and perhaps a little ironic.

A piece of the German landscape idyll

The roof canopy, as a “Room of Ideas”, provides the framework for a unique production. It both illuminates and shelters the visitor from the extremes of the sun or summer showers. Viewed up closely it offers much, much more. With the feeling of being in the right place the visitor is led through the “Room of Ideas”; the visitor is encouraged to become an integral part of the spectacle.

​Contribute and Share!

In addition to the home of the largest zoetrope in the world, the special quality of the pavilion lies in the unforgettable combination of architecture, exhibition and experience. Emerging from beneath the canopy after watching a short concert or enjoying a picnic, the visitor is left with a joyful, lasting memory of the German contribution to the Expo.

Short Facts


Federal Department of Business & Technology, Bonn / Germany

Planing Team

Structural Engineering
Werner Sobek – Stuttgart / Germany

Exhibition Concept
Atelier Markgraph – Frankfurt am Main / Germany

Media Installation
Art & Com – Berlin / Germany

WSGreen Technologies – Stuttgart / Germany

Landscape Architecture
Büro Baubotanik – Stuttgart / Germany

Visitor Management
LORD Cultural Resources – London / UK


3rd Prize / Germany as a stage for ideas – "Contribute and Share"


7.300 m2 GFA

The Team


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