• Rheinstetten / 11 February 2019 / Competition

    Residential and Nursing Home, Rheinstetten, Germany

    haascookzemmrich STUDIO2050 has won first place in the investor and architectural design competition for the B1-Parcel in the new urban centre of Rheinstetten.
  • Munich / 23 January 2019 / Competition

    Redevelopment of Youth Hostel Munich City

    haascookzemmrich STUDIO2050 won the 2nd prize in the international competition for the refurbishment of the Youth Hostel “Munich City”. The simple timber construction and the distinctive folded fassade underline the informality of the location and lending the youth hostel on Winthirplatz a distinctive workshop character.
  • Heilbronn / 23 January 2019 / Competition

    Experimenta Heilbronn, Germany

    Visitors are greeted with a welcoming gesture. The building opens to all sides, embracing the outdoor space as an integral part of the distinctly exploratory architecture. The extension of the Experimenta floats above the forecourt, before the view of the visitor opens into a fantastic, multi-storey foyer. The cocoon-like forms of the TALENT INCUBATORS emerge as over-sized sculptures through the roof. Weaving between them is the orange space-time spiral, leading into the courtyard of the special exhibition, before diving underneath the forecourt and into the existing building.
  • Milan / 22 January 2019 / Competition

    Expo 2015, Milan, Italy - German Pavillion

    With our proposal for the German Pavilion, we strived to create a symbol for the manner in which our society deals with natural resources and avoid the obvious pitfalls of showing a piece of beautiful packaging.
  • Stuttgart / 22 January 2019 / Competition

    Mercedes-Benz Campus

    The Mercedes-Benz Campus is intended as the crowning element of Stuttgart’s Neckarpark. “High Tech – High Nature”. What better symbolizes a worthwhile future? The lake in the centre of the campus serves as an energy engine; its role is to help in making aspects of renewable energy understandable. With the "Wave" and other public activities, the visitor himself is encouraged to be part of the spectacle. We have the responsibility for shaping our future ourselves! Both the Campus and the Future Center therefore do not focus on objects, but on people; their movement, their behaviour and their ambitions, people undertaking research, experimenting and sharing their experience in striving to develop a better future.
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