Winning design in Düsseldorf, germany

20 March 2023

We are pleased that our design was one of the three winning designs in the interdisciplinary design competition for the integration of noise protection in the urban space of Düsseldorf as part of the infrastructure expansion for the Rhine-Ruhr Express. The next step is to elaborate the winning designs in more detail, develop them further and ultimately make them realisable.

haascookzemmrich STUDIO2050 developed the "LEHM folded earth" project together with the Zentrum für Peripherie (Ute Reeh), Düsseldorf with Lehm Ton Erde Baukunst Gmbh (Martin Rauch), knippershelbig GmbH (Dr. Matthias Oppe), Lehmbau Lovis UG (Christian Hansel), Bosch&Partner GmbH (Dr. Dieter Günnewig), Anika K. Gasthof (TU Berlin), knp.Bauphysik (Christoph Hämmerling) and SnW Ingenieure (Dr. Jan Mittelstädt).

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