School Construction Project „Zukunfts(T)raum“ (Future Dream). We are looking for further donations

17 January 2019

The site of "Dunia ya Heri - African Family Health Care e.V" is to create a safe environment which provides access to education and lays the foundation for a better future for orphans. Thanks to generous support, the team of the School Construction Project „Zukunfts[t]raum“ are able toreport on the planning progress and the initial construction works of this praiseworthy project in Tanzania. Following the completion of the first ground works the timber construction is about to commence. These are defining elements in the appearance of an elementary school where a combination of the atypical form and materiality will place high demands on local workforce.

We are naturally pleased to hear about the progress of the project to date and ask for further donations to the following account:

School Construction Project „Zukunfts[t]raum“

Donation Account Universität Stuttgart
BAN DE51 6005 0101 7871 5216 87

Purpose for the Transfer
Zukunftstraum, Fonds 84020207

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