"In time, in budget"

25 May 2023

This week, the keys were handed over for our project for the enercity headquarters in Hanover, and the interior work can begin. In the future, more than 800 enercity employees will shape the energy transition in the daylight-flooded office building in passive house standard with around 20,000 square metres of space. The pioneering new building is currently the largest passive house in northern Germany and, through sustainable heat generation and photovoltaics, avoids more carbon dioxide than is produced by its operation.

"The combination of efficient use of geothermal energy, compact passive house architecture, photovoltaics and consistent use of green electricity make the enercity headquarters an energy beacon for Hannover,"
says enercity CEO Dr Susanna Zapreva. Hardly any energy is lost in the ventilation of the building either: Here, highly efficient systems with heat recovery ensure that fresh air enters the building, but up to 90 per cent of the heat is recovered from the exhaust air.

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