Gold at the Königstraße, Stuttgart

05 June 2024

We are delighted to receive the 1st prize in the competition for Königstrasse 1 a/b and thus to have been able to design a building block of the new Schloßgarten quarter, the future new entrance to Stuttgart!

The Königstrasse 1ab building opposite the main railway station is the identity-forming prelude to the most important shopping street and the entrance to the city of Stuttgart. In a central urban location, Königstrasse 1ab will be a landmark, a successful example of the reutilisation of the existing building, an inviting, forward-looking building, a place of encounter and exchange. The horizontal façade structure, similar to an open shelving system, offers a platform for a wide variety of uses and functions with opening and cross-storey levels

Königstrasse 1ab will also set an example for the conversion and subsequent utilisation of existing buildings. The careful and thoughtful use of our existing resources is the key to a building culture that becomes a model by means of cleverly joined buildings and regionally differentiated materials and construction methods.

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