Bronze for KÖ51 in Stuttgart

20 April 2022

Our contribution to the planner selection process for a new commercial building at Königstraße 51 received a third prize. The property is located in the city center of Stuttgart in a prominent corner situation that characterizes the urban space. Located directly at the intersection of Königstraße, Eberhardstraße and Hirschstraße, the building is of particular importance due to its corner location and long-distance effect.

The jury judges:

"The design surprises and motivates with a reinterpretation of the urban planning situation. While the development plan and the convention of urban planning thought led to the expectation of a "occupation" of the corner at this important location in downtown Stuttgart, the work convinces with a differentiation of the building volume into two structures.


The architectural design and materials are designed with a sure hand. The reflected attitude towards the topics of energy, building materials, embodied energy and the CO2 footprint is particularly pleasing."

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