• Ventspils / 15 February 2019 / Realized

    Lielais Laukums

    The annual Ventspils summer festival of 2016 marked the inauguration of „The Walfisch“. This large piece of public art, serves as the centerpiece of an expansive urban redevelopment program in the Baltic City of Ventspils. Inspired by the seafaring traditions of this historic port a dynamic arrangement of masts emerge from the mists above the large reflecting waterpool. The sculpture provides Lielais Laukums, the city’s main public square, with a unique attraction providing visitors with clues as to the rich history of the region. Animated by fountains the sculpture is transformed at night by lighting effects. The sculpture will be complemented by the new Music School / Concert Hall with construction to completed in March 2019 and inauguration in Summer 2019 in recognition of the national centenary celebrations.
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